2014 Sen Zhi Kui Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake of Kokang Myanmar

$50.00 USD

Brand: Sen Zhi Kui Tea House

4.5 star rating 2 Reviews

This tea cake is made entirely of Spring 2014 material from the Kokang region of Myanmar which borders Yunnan Province. Kokang is a primarily ethnically Han Chinese region and tea trees have been cultivated in this area for centuries. While the same as Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica found in Yunnan, this tea has characteristics that are unique to Kokang teas, specifically a 'flowery' or 'fruity' mouthfeel that leaves a vibrant and slightly bitter aftertaste that is soft and not overpowering. The liquor produced is a deep orange color. 

Sen Zhi Kui (森之馈), meaning 'Gift of the Forest', is a small label that is passionate about producing great tasting teas with distinct characteristics.

An inexpensive and unique raw pu-erh tea which is ready for drinking now or could be stored for further developments in complexity.


Tea weight:  357 grams per cake

Producer:  Sen Zhi Kui

Area:  Kokang (Guo Gan), Myanmar (Mian Dian: 缅甸)