1992 Hua Yuan Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha

$91.00 USD

Brand: Hua Yuan

This is an excellent ripe tea that was wet piled in Menghai and pressed in Kunming in 1992!  It's been stored in Kunming since 1992, making it an excellent example of how awesome Kunming aging can be for ripe pu-erh (and raw) tea!  26 years of age has given this an incredibly smooth and complex taste, featuring dried fruit, wood and cream aspects!  

This is one of the best aged ripe pu-erh teas I've ever had!  The effect of the cha qi is very nice and subtle, with a nurturing component!  The tea can be steeped many many times!

One 100 gram tuo would provide 20 sessions (if you use 5 grams ) or 14 sessions if you use 7 grams)!  

There is no date stamp on the packaging!