2006 Fuhai 7576 602 Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake of Menghai

$46.00 USD

Brand: Fu Hai Tea Factory of Menghai

Fuhai tea factory along with Xinghai and Menghai are the earliest tea factories producing ripe pu-erh in Xishuangbanna. Fuhai ripe pu-erhs are typically light fermentation. Light fermentation means shorter "wo dui" (wet piling) and increased furrowing of the pile to keep temperature lower and slow fermentation. This preserves the "raw" character of the tea. The result is a strong tasting tea but needing longer aging to allow for the dissipation of "wo dui" taste that is standard with younger ripe pu-erh teas.

Our 2006 cake is a 7576 recipe (leaf grade much like Menghai's 7572) and has been dry-aged in Guangdong for 9 years. The storage condition for this tea was hot but not overly humid. The result is a clean tasting ripe pu-erh devoid of fermentation "wo dui" taste and aroma but still retaining alot of character. The brewed tea is bitter with an almost tobacco like character (or is it smokiness from it's mao cha days?). Thick and pungent in the mouth, sure to satisfy!

357 grams per cake
Batch 602