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2016 Menghai "66 Da Shun" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick

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Brand: Menghai Tea Factory

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"66 Da Shun" (lit 66 The Big Smooth) is a blend of semi-aged ripe pu-erh tea expertly wet piled by the foremost wet piling operation in the world!  Menghai Tea Factory with decades of experience in "wo dui" (wet piling) has perfected the technique.  The art of blending finished ripe tea leaves into something special is also something that takes skill but also requires access to many different grades and regions of teas to compose the finished product.


"66 Da Shun" is a large brick with lots of character and plenty of aging potential.  Worthwhile addition to the collection of any pu-erh drinker.


660 grams per brick

Batch 1601 (2016 pressing)

Pressed in the Menghai Tea Factory in Menghai County of Xishuangbanna