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2003 White Dragon "Qiao Mu Sheng Tai" Jing Gu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Brand: White Dragon

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This is a Spring 2003 production from the White Dragon Tea Factory (白龙景谷茶厂), the earliest private tea factory in Jing Gu County.  This cake is a blend of Jing Gu area teas, and was aged in Guangdong until March of 2019 (when we purchased it and brought it to Kunming).

This is a nicely aged tea and very clean stored Guangdong storage tea!  Sweet honey and fruit taste, a good thick viscous tea soup with alternating sweet and umami character.  

Very fairly priced tea with good clean taste and complex character!

357 Grams per cake

** wrapper is bug bitten and stained from the tea oils.  If you are uncomfortable with that then please don't buy this tea!