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2012 Anhua "Shi Liang Xiao Zhi Tiao" Hei Cha Tea of Hunan

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This is a traditional style of Anhua tea called "Shi Liang Cha".  Shi Liang and Qian Liang (lit. Ten Ounces and Thousand Ounces) are teas pressed into columns and have been used as legal tender in Central China for centuries.  The original "Qian Liang" tea was 37.27 kilograms.

Spring 2012 Hunan Hei Cha was harvested from An Hua county tea plants The processing has many stages, including frying, rolling, withering, sun-drying, and finally pressed into clay tubes where it is allowd to ferment further before being packaged into paper tubes.

Our "Small Liang" 安化小枝条茶 is a subtle and fruity tea, with hints of hay and malt with a sweet after-finish.  Much like "Fu Cha" and other Hei Cha it's suitable for aging and will develop subtle nuances as time passes.

We recommend using 5 to 6 grams per 100ml device, 100C temperature water, and the gong fu brewing method to get the most out of this wonderful tea!

200 grams per column.