Yunnan "Pure Bud Silver Strands" First Flush Green Tea

$8.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

We have offered the "Silver Strands" 银丝 varietal green tea (a robust one leaf to one bud ratio) since 2005, but decided to also offer it's first flush tippy "pure bud" counterpart.  Picked in the earliest part of spring (in Late-February before the spring rains arrive) and in the autumn (late-September after summer monsoon has gone), this pure bud pluck features small hairy silver tips with no leaf. 

Sweet, buttery and crisp vegetal umami character makes this tea perfect for starting your day (or any time of day).  We recommend brewing in a gaiwan using 85-90C water and very short steeps.

A fine hand-picked and processed tea that showcases Silver Strand varietal and Yunnan teas in general!

Harvest Area:  Mojiang, Simao (Yunnan)

Spring Harvest Time:  Late-February-Early March

Autumn Harvest Time: Late-September