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Mei Zhan Varietal Jin Jun Mei Black Tea from Tong Mu Village * Spring 2018

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Mei Zhan is a varietal is originally from Anxi area of Fujian, and has been grown in Wu Yi for more than 80 years.  It's also growing in Fuding and is used for both black tea (Bai Lin Gong Fu) and white tea (Bai Mao Hou).  It's a drought resistant varietal that adapted well to the rocky conditions in Wu Yi.  Our Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei grows at an altitude of 800 meters in Tong Mu Village.

Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei is a pure bud pick of Mei Zhan varietal first flush spring buds.  The tea is fried, rolled, and lightly withered before it's low temperature roasted in several stages to bring out it's delightful character. 

The tea brews up an ultra-smooth golden tea soup with a sweet potato-like like sweetness and a slight floral taste to counter that sweetness.  The body of the tea soup is substantial and there is a nice lubricating mouth feeling that comes quickly when enjoying this elegant tea.

Tong Mu Village, Fujian Province

Spring 2018 Harvest